Asteroids: Beta 2 + Level Editor + Level Making Contest (update)

February 13, 2011

All right! So here we have a new version including all fixes that people found playing the first beta. There were only few errors of which most my 12 and 15 year old cousins found (i.e. collisions were not reported when entities were warped from one side of the screen to another). On bigger glitch came from a assert statement that I added to OGLFT as there was a bug with the boundary boxes, but apart from that only little problems were found. Thanks for everyone playing the game!

Level Editor

I also made a level editor for them as my cousins really liked the game and wanted to make levels themselves. It took me only 2 days to create the editor such that they could start making levels on their own as I already built a small set of GUI widgets using my own IMGUI code. It felt really good writing it and didn’t expect it to be running that quick. It was very rewarding to look over their shoulders and see the fun they had creating levels.

Here are some screenshots of the editor in action:

Level Making Contest

As so many people had a lot of fun creating levels (and they seemed much more creative than I), I decided to give everyone the chance to create awesome levels that will be shipped with the final version.

To spice it a little bit up, I decided to have a small level making contest. The authors of the winning levels will be listed in the credits of the final version under the category “Level Designer” which will probably make you very a famous celebrity (at least among a handful of nerds).

All you have to do is send in levels via email to

m a r t i n @ f y s x . o r g

until February 20th 2011, 23:59 CET. I will then take a week of careful judgement and announce the winners by the end of February / beginning of March 2011. Please fill in the field “Author” when saving the levels with the name you would like to have listed in the credits.

Levels are saved as <levelname>.map in the directory of the game (windows) or in the current folder (linux). You only need to send these files to me. Multiple levels can be sent to me.


You can get the new beta which also includes the level editor. The windows binaries can be downloaded from here:

And for those Ubuntu/Debian users you get nicely made packages (for both 32- and 64-bit systems) from here:

Update: new packages that also include menu entries and should work with older versions of Ubuntu:

Previous versions of the packages (no menu entries, linked against newer boost version 1.42):

They will also download all dependencies. However you should deinstall any previous versions. You need to run ´fysxasteroidseditor´ to start the editor. Make sure you find yourself in a writable directory as the editor will place temporary and saved maps into the current folder.