IFTPOP 0.0.1 for Windows

October 17, 2011

All right! Windows version of the current code ready!

Grab it from here: iftpop-0.0.1

So far I am working on the controls for both camera and player movement. With the camera I am quite happy, but the player will get some more action features such as wall-jump and duck-slide, etc.

The camera starts to jitter at some point, but I do not yet know why.

Some informations about the game: it will feature some elements from racing games. And platformers. And nightmares.



New game: IFTPOP! first screenshot

October 14, 2011

Just a small screenshot of the current state of my next game, called “IFTPOP!” (what it actually means might be revealed at some point). The code so far is based upon my previous asteroids game but with a lot of new development. Biggest change so far: integration of bullet physics.

So long,