Spaceship In The Sky With Colors

May 5, 2012

Spaceship In the Sky With Colors is a game that was made during the Ludum Dare 23 Jam by michi (@quixoticproject) and me. We have been wanting to make a game together for more than 15 years and it finally came true!

In this game you steer a spaceship through a colourful world, but great care has to be taken on where to fly. Watch out for your energy orbs as they drain out quickly depending where you fly. Luckily there are some power orbs to collect.

The game does not follow the LD23 theme, instead it is heavily inspired by a picture made by Armel J. Gibson that was posted on the TIGSource forums.

We used together with Hump and Quickie which was extremely productive (many thanks to vrld!). Art, Music, Level Editor, and Sound were created from scratch with tools like Inkscape, sfxr and Milkytracker.

Code/Art/SFX: michi @quixoticproject
Code/Editor/Music: fysx @fysxdotorg

Notes for the editor

You can switch which layer to modify using F1 – F4 and select the powerups with F5-F8. Return lets you test the game. Due to sandboxing of Love2d, it will save the levels in the directory specified at

Downloads and Links

The official Ludum Dare entry page can be found: here.
Downloads and game infos on michis website:

Background music of the game (the title is “Flowerplant”): [audio:|titles=flowerplant]

Some moar screenshots:

Level Editor


Level Complete!