July 26, 2011

fysxasteroids, or “Asteroids” is the first complete game I wrote. The mechanics follow that of the original 80’s game, however with better graphics. Also it runs on a more recent computers. The game features 22 mind-blowing levels, funky music, awesome retro sounds, an online-highscore, an easy to use level editor and runs on Windows and Linux (both 32- and 64-bit). I used C++ together with some nice portable libraries, such as libSDL, libPNG, OpenGL, boost, SDL_mixer, OGLFT. As a build system I use CMake to generate Makefiles for Linux and the project files for Microsoft Visual Express C++ 2008.


Highscores Here is the current highscore list (don’t worry about it too much, it’s really hard to get up there):

#Player NameScore



Programming, Design, Sounds, and Graphics

Martin Felis

Top Level Designer

Sir Wolle

Additional Level Design

Martin Felis, NicoKrass, michi, Andi, Sebastian Felis, Khai-Long Ho Hoang


DJad – Space Exploration


libSDL, SDL_mixer, OGLFT, freetype2, boost, libpng, Aaron D. Gifford’s sha2 code

Special Thanks

to my wonderful wife Katrina!