May 26, 2015

Here is a list of games that I created or contributed to. They should run on most computers. If not, let me know.

Peace Machine Gun

In this First Peace Shooter (FPS) you have the ability to go back in time and undo the killing. Just be quick enough to collect each of the bullets at the position they were originally shot from. Otherwise you lose. Warning: this game may show content that you may find disturbing.


A coop-stealth game made during Global Game Jam 2015. Escape the prison while being chained to your inmates.

Grand Health Auto

Grand Health Auto is small parody of GTA where you play as an ambulance driver and must rescue injured people and bring them to the hospital. To not become unemployed, the driver may cause further “customers” for the hospital while driving around in the city.

Lunchlady Simulator 2000

My Ludum Dare 28 Jam entry. This game is about cookies, righteousness, and well deserved punishment. Every day at lunch time the school kids get a cookie, following the golden rule: you only get one. However those pesky sneaky evil kids (as we all know them) however will try to get more than one. This outrageous evilness has to stop, and there is only one person with the power:



My Ludum Dare 26 Compo entry made entirely by me. The theme was minimalism and I ended up with a very smooth and simple game in which you surf with a ship on platforms. If you fail to do so you lose energy. Gets very wild after some time.

Spaceship In The Sky With Colors

Our Ludum Dare 23 Jam entry made by michi and me. You steer a spaceship in the sky with colors. But beware when running out of color there is nothing to steer anymore…

I Hate Myself

Our Global Game Jam 2012 entry that was made by Jonathan Wehrle, Tilmann Hars and me. In this game you have to overcome your very own past.


Completely written by myself using C++/OpenGL/SDL. It is the first game I completed and follows the mechanics of the old classic arcade game.