I Hate Myself Love

January 30, 2012

Last weekend, I participated in the Global Game Jam 2012. Together with Jonathan Wehrle, Tilmann Hars I made this game within 48 hours. We are very happy with our submission and you should definitely have a look at it. Also, feel free to vote for our game at http://globalgamejam.org/2012/i-hate-myself

We used LÖVE a super awesome 2D game engine that lets you make games extremely easy. It was wonderful to work with it.


The original submission can be found at: http://globalgamejam.org/2012/i-hate-myself

An updated version with smaller bugfixes can be downloaded here:

*Please note you need LÖVE version 7.0 (at least) to run the game under Linux/Mac/Ubuntu/Whateverix. It can be downloaded here: https://love2d.org/


Source code and assets can be accessed through github at


Jonathan Wehrle – Code | Martin Felis – Code, Art | Tilmann Hars – Code, Music