Wall Jumps!

October 31, 2011

Did some work on the controller, which is getting feature complete more or less. It now allows for wall-runs and wall-jumping. Have a look at the new version and try to climb the two pillows.

Also, I added quite a bit of doxygen documentation to btKinematicCharacterController. For the interested I created a repository over at github (https://github.com/martinfelis/bulletphysics2) that contains the changes I made.

There are also improvements to the camera movement. There is no more jittering (thanks to the insights I gained about btKinematicCharacterController) and also the horizontal movement is no more constrained = much more fun!

Oh, and here is the new (windows) version: iftpop_0.0.2. Go Try It! NOW!

Additionally, I spilled some wine over my desktop keyboard.