Asteroids Beta 1 (update)

December 1, 2010

Wahoo!!! It looks like I am getting somewhere with my Asteroids clone. It took me much longer than expected that far, but I do think I learned a lot on the way. Initially I started it because I realized my game programming demons that prevented me from actually writing a game. Instead I was only talking to myself that I would program game X at some point and programmed smaller things with which I could delve in the illusion of programming games.

However you don’t make a game unless you make a game. And that’s what I did – although I have to confess something: the game is not yet finished. There are two remaining tasks that I want to work on before I would dare to call it a completed game. These tasks are testing and additional levels.

Things still todo…

I guess the experienced game designer/programmer might smile at this point, especially at the latter part, as levels are probably one of the trickiest things to do. They have to make the player at first curious, then be challenging, but not too hard, and not too easy, oh and not boring. However I do not plan to make this game perfect and therefore I am not going to make more than, say 20 levels. So far there are 5 levels with more or less increasing difficulty except the 5th which is a bit of a steeper step. The game mechanics will stay the same for future levels and there won’t be crazy new game elements, because I do not want to finish a game and not go on an endless journey of ideas.

Right now I need to do some testing (done by YOU* !) to find problems that I haven’t found yet. I am starting to not see issues because I am already too much in the technical viewpoint and got used to a play style that probably circumvents all issues that other people might have. Therefore I need some non-biased feedback from people without knowledge about the details. I already showed the game to a few people and had the chance to watch them play and I am fairly satisfied so far.

Now cut to the chase!

You can download the windows version from here:

I tested it under Windows 7 (64bit), Windows Vista (32bit), and Windows XP (32bit). I do my development under linux, but creating packages for that is a bit annoying. If someone wants to run it under linux, I will gladly send you the code and help you make it run.

Update: there is now also a Debian/Ubuntu (64bit) package available here:

Here are some screenshots, to get an impression how the game looks:

A few words to the style…

I tried to keep the style more simple and not do fancy OpenGL stuff. This has two reasons: first I am so far not much of an OpenGL guru and shader ninja, and second for a game like this a more ‘classical’ style fits very well. I tried to use filtered sprites, but that made the game look like strangely cheap. I hope the following picture conveys this somehow:

Also together with the font I am using it all looks a little more retro style. I do believe that it is more important to find a fitting style than to have graphical excesses (however I totally do not mind them, rather the opposite). But for a lone-wolf production like this I have to take what I can make myself and so far I am very satisfied.

Some Credits

Here is a non-exhaustive list of libraries that I am using for the game (in no particular order):

The music I am using is from DJAD and is called Space Exploration. Other than that I am using various sounds from that I have customized (I still have to make a proper list for the credits).

All right. So much for now.

Have a nice day!

(* all right, there are not too many people passing around here that might be inclined to test it, but I still thought I’d make it clear that you are cordially invited to test and give some comments.)