Wolfire Blog and Humble Indie Bundle

May 12, 2010

I just stumbled over a nice blog called the Wolfire Blog from the independent game studio Wolfire Games. They have finished a shareware game called Lugaru HD that is about kung-fu fighting rabbits and currently they are working on the successor Overgrowth. They also started the Humble Indie Bundle which was a successful fund-raising experiment. In in you can pay as much (or little) money as you like for five games (Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HDPenumbra, and World of Goo) and if you like you can donate parts of the money to charity organizations. You can do this for 3 more days and is very well spent money.

Oh, I almost forgot what I actually wanted to write: their blog and YouTube Channel are a very nice mixture of humour and gamedev related information. Especially the Game Tech category of their blog gives nice visual descriptions on how some effects are created. Seems to me they also have a very nice animation system and rigging looks very simple in their videos.

So much for that. Asteroids is coming a nice way. I was able to fix that evil bug that appeared when firing excessively onto a group of asteroids and it seems pretty stable so far. At least I didn’t have weird crashes for a long time. I added a few more things (loading different levels, highscore list), but I’ll write more details in a separate post someday.