Using txfonts in LaTeX but standard \mathcal{} symbols

July 26, 2009

I am currently working on my thesis and I am not happy with the standard LaTeX font which looks like this:


I mean it is LaTeX so it still looks nice and readable. However there is a very nice font you can use when adding


at the top of your LaTeX file. This makes it look like this:


Which has a higher density and also a bit smaller (might be, that I am just a little overfed with it as I have to look at it currently a lot). But  it has a small drawback as the symbols are very different from the regular LaTeX fonts especially if you look at the A. I was looking around on how to get the standard symbols back into a document using txfonts but couldn’t find any helb. However looking into the txfonts.sty revealed the solution. The trick is, to set the font for the symbols manually which can be done with the \DeclareSymbolFont command. To use the regular symbols use:


The result:


Yeah! Now I can continue working on my thesis…